Why are EQ and SQ Important?

For more than 30 years I have been thinking about IQ,EQ,SQ.  I have been trying to find some answers to the big questions in life.  My journey has seen me move from the classroom through the corporate world and now back to classrooms again.  Along this journey I have discovered many things, but the most important discovery is this.

The Boardrooms of the companies I have worked with are not full of people with the highest IQ’s, they are full of Smart people.

Here smart means the ability

  • to lead people,
  • to articulate a vision
  • to focus a discussion
  • to genuinely interact with others
  • to listen
  • to influence the thinking of others
  • to engage the team in system wide change when needed

All of these traits are in the Emotional and Socail domains.

Now think about your classroom, the tests you give, the report cards you write… Are we enhancing a student’s potential or measuring the school‘s Key Performance Indicators?

The most successful people are those with a balance of intellect, emotions and social skills.  This is the essence of a human being.  The balance of these three domains is what makes each person unique.  The potential of each student also lies somewhere in this IQ,EQ,SQ balance. If this is a students potential, don’t we as educators need to focus across all three domains in our teaching so as to support a student during their development?

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