IQ, EQ, SQ: What is it?

Schools all over the world measure IQ. They have forever, and they probably always will. As a teacher I did. But in my classroom I always struggled with IQ as being the determining factor of educational outcomes.

Human beings are more than IQ. Success, satisfaction and happiness is not purely a function of intellect. A whole and happy human being is made up of a combination of factors that go way beyond intellect.

In my IQ, EQ, SQ Model I have replaced quotient with Quality.  Quotient is by definition a linear process, starting at the bottom and leading to the top, but as we know humans are not on a linear scale, they are multi-dimensional. Humans have many facets, many reactions, many relationships and ultimately a combination of all their intellect, their emotions and their relationships.  Quality is a measure that removes scale, every single person has quality, what makes them unique is their personal combination of these qualities.

Intellectual Quality is how we use our minds and how we think, not our ability to think or the measurement of our thinking in relation to the “norm”.

Emotional Quality how we react or respond to events and situations in our lives. It how we manage our emotions moment by moment, day after day.

Social Quality is how we connect with and relate to others. It is how a student engages with other people in his or her environment.

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