Emotional and Social Literacy in the Schools!

I just completed a 2 day school course at Farrington High School. It focused on balancing intellectual strengths with emotional and social literacy. The course was called “Life Without Limits – You Make a Difference” and the results were over the top!

In an activity called ‘The Grid’ students confronted boredom, frustration, and exasperation as they hit the emotional wall of wanting to quit. Finally they learned to CHOOSE the positive emotions that would help them reach their goal. Students came to realize that every goal will challenge their commitment. They discovered that they needed to choose the social and emotional experiences that would support their goals and dreams.

Two men, Lovell Harris and Lanson Kupau, joined me on the platform during the final day. Lovell is one of the best drug and alcohol counselors in the Pacific Region and Lanson is a lawyer that came from the same streets as the students we were teaching. Each shared a bit of their story and their secrets to achieving success.

“You have to use your emotions in a positive way,” Lovell said. “Give yourself a big enough WHY and you can achieve any HOW!” Lovell continued “For myself, one WHY was my mother. She worked hard to raise 6 boys and she deserved to have her son succeed and make a contribution to the lives of others.”

Lanson said to dream big and back it with desire. “There will be big challenges, he said, “But don’t get sidetracked by them. “Stay focused on the goal.”

Emotional and social intelligence were front and center all day long. “Choose friends who support you and keep your emotions positive,” they both said.

The student responses:

  • “Life-changing!”
  • “I’ll never be the same!”
  • “I know I can go for it now!”
  • “We need to do this for a lot more students in the school!”

Social and emotional literacy is vital to success, satisfaction and happiness. And now 30 more students have a clear vision of the steps they need to take to make a contribution in the world!

Aloha from the beautiful Hawaiian Islands of Hawaii, Trin

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