Self-Reflection & Self-Observation to Action

iShine QMark1I was given the gift of a free ticket to see the Michael Jackson movie yesterday and I came away deeply touched. It wasn’t the dancing – which was stunning, or the singing – which again was brilliant. It was the unspoken undertone of the film.

It is like the undertone in perfume. The undertone is the second level after the initial fragrance has softened and died away. It is the long lasting effect or what makes a perfume special. The film was the same for me; beyond the dancing and the singing was the person.

It was the Michael Jackson singing ‘I’ll Be There’ and closing with the names of his siblings as if to say… I’ll be there for all of you. It was Michael Jackson’s gentility with his staff. It was the man behind the scenes that somehow touched me. Regardless of all my previous opinions, attitudes and thoughts, I was inspired by the ‘undertone’ of the film.

As I sat in the silence of my heart this morning, I was touched by the feelings of compassion and the importance of a compassionate heart. Every word and every action has the potential to hurt or heal.

Again leadership takes self-awareness and self-awareness takes attention. So I’m sharing with you my self-reflection of the heart for this week. And I invite you to join me for the next 7 days.

Are my thoughts gentle or judging? Are my words kind or critiquing? What can I do this week to gentle my words and my actions?

Let me know how you’re doing this week. I would love to hear how your reflection and self-observation goes this week.

Much Aloha from the beautiful islands of Hawaii, TrinidadAloha framed1

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