Self-Reflection to Action

QLife is whirling at nanosecond speeds these days. It seems from the numerous emails I’ve received lately, that this hyper-speed is spinning many people off center. This isn’t surprising given the speed and impact with which the future is hitting us.

YouTube can be launched in 2.5 seconds while emails are traveling 3,000 miles in just 2.4 seconds. Most phones these days serve as mini-computers allowing us to access our email, search the net, and listen to music all at the same time.

If you have happened to feel as if you’re spiraling outward from your inner core, the self-reflection question for this week is a question that will bring you back to center. If you’re feeling balanced and in control the question for the week serves as a reminder to stay focused. Either way, have fun with it:

Am I on track with my personal life purpose? And…

What are three things that I can do this week to leverage my life purpose or to re-align my life and work with my purpose?

Much Aloha from the beautiful islands of Hawaii, Trinidad.

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