Reflection to Action – Clear the Clutter!

ManwQmarkgrnAs you know, clutter keeps us from experiencing total clarity in our lives. This holds true in both our personal as well as our professional lives. Stuff piles up over time, especially if we have a family! If you want to be clear and focused, make sure the physical space you inhabit is clear of clutter!

So the opportunity this week is to look at your life through the lens of this question:

Have you cleared the clutter in your life to produce the kind of clarity you want?

And here is the challenge! The next time you step into your car, look in the back seat. Are there books, napkins, discarded Starbuck cups, kids sunglasses and extraneous paraphernalia all over the floor?Get the kids to help you if need be, but clear all clutter out!!

When you step into your office on Monday morning, take a look around. Then open each of the drawers and files. Check out the clarity in those ‘hidden’ places.

Here is the rest of the checklist:

  • The house
  • Bedrooms
  • Kitchen – and kitchen closets
  • Family room
  • Home office
  • Den
  • Bathrooms
  • Garage
  • Yard – front and back
  • etc.

And have fun. If it’s overwhelming, make it a family project and spread it over the next month!

Remember: the result of clearing the clutter is clarity, clarity equals power and power equals effectiveness!!
Aloha from the beautiful Hawaiian Islands!  Trinidad

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