Philosophy of Leadership

W. Edward Deming was one of my mentors. He was the man responsible for TQM (Total Quality Management) and the rise of Japan after WWII. When I was with him he made a powerful statement that forever impacted my life and teaching. He said, “It is impossible to lead without a philosophy of leadership!”

To this day my time with Deming is held dear to my heart and I took him at his word. I This2went home days later and spent the next two weeks clarifying my own philosophy. And ever since that day, I have inspired others to clarify their philosophy. People tell me that they have gained great value out of putting their thoughts to paper.

I recently received a post from one of an Australian educational leader, Lyn Godfrey. She had missed the last day of the program but wanted me to know that she had completed her philosophy. You can view it in its entirety as a comment posted on The Creative Edge dated September 8th ’09.

I wanted to share the last few lines of it with you as I felt it a good reminder of our mission as we work with others.

“As a leader it’s important to lead from the ground,
‘Cos synergy of others is something profound.
The decisions you make and the time that you share
Are important to show you’re what you declare.
The talk that you talk and the steps that you take
Make your journey through leadership credible and great.”

Thank you, Lyn, for taking the time to share your thoughts with us!

For those of you who would like to write your philosophy of leadership, and easy way to start it is: As a leader, this I believe…

Again, much Aloha from the beautiful islands of Hawaii… Trinidad

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