Weekly Reflection – September 14

IShine QMark1 I was rethinking myself the other day mostly because I realized that I could be falling into a mental rut. I wasn’t sure that I was falling into a mental rut, but just in case I thought I’d do the ‘man in the mirror‘ thing and review some of my old assumptions and beliefs. So I began a true review and rethink!

It actually began with my own self-reflective process last week when I wrote my professional values and then transferred them into Wordle. It erupted into full consciousness when I completed the entire process only to find a whole bunch of other professional values lurking beneath the surface of awareness. I couldn’t even do my own reflection! How could I suggest that you might do it!?!

So I thought I’d approach my personal values another way. And this week’s reflection comes out of my experience with this. This approach helped me attain the goal with greater ease. See what you think:

Imagine that you are embarking on a space exploration and that the captain of the craft asked you to bring along your top 30 values. Brainstorm these values on paper.

Now imagine that you have arrived at the ship and the captain apologizes for the mistake saying that only 15 of your top values will be allowed to go with you. What values would you pick?

Compare each value to the another value and pick the one closest to your heart. Then pull another value and compare it to that value and again pick the one that is closest to your heart or core. Continue to compare the best value of 2 to the next value on yourCore Values 2 list until you have your top 15 values.

Then do your ‘wordle’ design at take a screen shot of your picture. Finally, place your picture into your screen saver file so that it floats across your screen periodically to  remind you of your core values. Here’s mine:

It will serve as a reminder to reflect on your core values every day. Then ask yourself the following questions as you do reflect intermittently during the day:

  1. In what way am I demonstrating my core values today?
  2. What have I done inadvertently today that
    might demonstrate something different from my core values?
  3. Where can I improve and more fully express my core values for the rest of the day (and tomorrow)?

My insight from all this is that my reflection for the week does take a week… Have a wonderful week… I’m about to and I wish you the very same!!

Aloha from the Islands called Hawaii! Trin

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