Train the Trainer

 trainers It’s been an active week for me here! The trainers at Hawaii State Federal Credit Union are sailing along. I licensed 4 of my programs to HSFCU and the trainers are doing just fine!

However when Cherese (far left) went to take a screen shot of her wordle image for the week, she couldn’t figure out how to do that on a PC. I’m Apple-Mac savvy and it’s very easy on a Mac (hold down apple-shift-4) But I’m cluless on a PC so I couldn’t help!

Even Sheldon (far right) couldn’t figure it out! Hey, so I didn’t feel so bad! However, he’s a Mac fan too… are we all clueless about the PC???

So, the line-up is Cherese, Gina, Jennifer (our Wonder Woman department head) and Sheldon. Turns out we’re all looking for a method to do screen shots on the PC!

HELP!! If anyone one is clear on how to shoot screen shots on a PC let me know and I’ll pass on the news to Cherese!

She did discover something really cool though and I thought I’d pass it on: if you type in the same word more than once, it raises the font size. Cherese typed in ‘Love’ 10 times and it was VERY large. She did joy 5 times and it was 1/2 as large.

In this way she showed her priorities by the size of the value word. Her wordle is very cool and located somewhere in the wordle gallery.

Have a great end of the week….

Much ALOHA from the beautiful islands of Hawaii!

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