Self-Reflection for the Week of September 6th

IStock_000000053770XSmall copy I thought I’d comment on my own self-reflection for last week… mostly because the comments I’m getting are in person. Then I thought it might be a good idea to run another similar idea for this weeks reflection. This is why…

I was doing a Train the Trainer program for a team of professional trainers here in Honolulu and one of the trainers started commenting on the “cool self-reflection item of the week”. The other members of the team wanted to see it so they called up the site on their Smart Board screen and the entire team got really excited.

Every one of them decided that they were going to do their 9 word life passion on Wordle and make it into a screen saver. They even did some practice runs with Wordle on the Smart Board and got even more excited as they saw they words turn into various colored images. (By the way they showed me that my link did not work. So just look up if you find that my link doesn’t work.)

I want to inspire you who did not get a chance to try it… or thought you would try it later… to give it a go!

In fact let’s try another one so that you can make 2 screen savers:

If you could say your highest professional values in 14 words or less, what would they be?Professional Values

Now remember, this is professional. We’ll focus on personal next week.

Here are 2 copies of mine. When I went into Wordle I got so excited about the possibilities that I had to do 2 samples to show you.

Notice that I left the font and the design the same just to show you some of the color options. There are hundreds of various combinations available. Let your imagination take you! You are the author and artist of your life! Go for it!!!

Start by reflecting. Ask yourself, “What are my top 14 professional values?”

This in itself will be a challenge. I wanted to add a hundred more words like, ‘People, Joy of Work, Purpose, Passion, Collaboration, Insight’ after I thought I’d finished. The more I reflected, the more my values kept expanding.

Pro Values 2

In order to stop, I finally had to barter with myself by agreeing that I’d do another one later. As an author I know that you have to be satisfied to stop somewhere. But it was really a challenge. I wanted to go on and on!

So, back to the instructions! Write your words down and when you’re satisfied (if you ever are, and if you’re not…do as I did and stop somewhere) go into Wordle and create. It’s fun and while you’re having fun you’re creating a visual reminder of your professional values.

I already put both of these wordle pics into my screen savers and they look ‘HOT’!!!

Give it a try. Then share them with your Master Mind Partners and send them on to me. I would love to see them!

This will help you keep your professional values front and foremost! Then have a wonderful, magical, uplifting week!

Much Aloha from the islands of Hawaii, Trinidad

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