Self-Reflection for September 21st

Red Q 1

Could it be that those who are highly successful are highly successful
not because of what they say but because of the quality of the
questions they ask?

As I said in my last entry, I was talking with Toby from KTA Superstores and he brought up the adage of, ‘What are the questions that are worth asking?’ He actually stated it further when he said, “What is the question behind the question?”

In this light, it is important for those of you in leadership positions to ask yourself, “What are the questions worth asking? Or…”What are the questions I, as a leader in my organization, should be asking”

The power of questions is that they open our mental files and guide us to seek answers in particular areas. Not all questions lead to good answers. It’s that QUALITY QUESTIONS lead to QUALITY ANSWERS.

A high quality question causes us think more deeply than we have before. High quality questions make us pursue the ‘question behind the question’, as Toby called it. It is by this means that they lead to further questioning and thus to high quality answers, answers that help to shift our fundamental paradigm.

So here are the 2 high quality questions that I invite you to engage in at the close of each day this week:

  1. What is one big insight I had today or one incredible thing I learned today?
  2. How can I use the insight I gained or the thing I learned to improve my results tomorrow?

Let these questions and the answers they deliver lead to an ever expanding upward growth and learning spiral!

And have a wonderful week!

Aloha from the beautiful Hawaiian Islands, Trin

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