Be Still & Remember That Life Works!

My Australian tour was exceptional. I now have many new friends, and I want to thank all of you men and women who are committed to ‘raising the bar’ in your lives. In each event the focus was growing your leadership skills, skill sets and competencies. All of you shared your courage and compassion with me. I was touched by your trust and your willingness to explore the edge, the boundaries of yourself, pushing yourselves to new heights of introspection, self-reflection and self-awarenessNew Aug09x

In each and every event that I did, I walked away with a heightened sense of respect and honor for all human beings. I was especially moved by the personal connections I made with each of you. Thank you for your words, your quiet comments, a gentle look in your eyes. The human spirit you shared with me has touched my heart and inspired my soul. Thank you! I am forever changed and bettered as a result of our time together.

I returned home to the islands six days ago to find that my personal life had gone into hyper-drive! Two of my dearest Aunts are in the hospital as we speak! My emotions were ajumble, my heart hurt and I had to give a speech to the Speaker’s Association of Hawaii on Tuesday night and a full day training the next day. ‘These are the times that try mens’ souls’ as they say and I had to use every bit of the training to stay centered.

R&L LwoL BE STILL AND REMEMBER TO REMEMBER WHO YOU ARE… I chanted the words in my head as I did the last minute prep for each event… I had to count on my inner stillness to keep me from going over the edge! The results were amazing. Each event went off smoothly!! The participants said they couldn’t have been happier!

Robyn Teryvaud said she went through a similar experience. She had to call on her inner strength to do an event after she returned from the Life Without Limits Retreat and she used REMEMBER TO REMEMBER WHO YOU ARE to stabilize herself. She tells me it worked and the event went off really well.

Remember to remember that:

Life works if you will only get out of the way and let it!

I’d love to hear your personal story. How did you use the training? Let me hear from you!  Your stories are food for my soul.

I know that I am eternally grateful for the training… And I am ever thankful to you for inviting me into your life!

ALOHA from Hawaii…



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