August Down Under

David Andrea Trin I’ve just spent one of the most unusual weeks in my life! On the one hand, my Australian tour is going magnificently well. The raves have been exceptional. On the other hand, I have not been able to use the Internet because the apartment where I’m staying has removed the hotspot due to certain tech issues they have had.

It’s been very strange to be cut off from Twitter and my blog for a week… like living back in the mid 19th century. It felt as if my lifeline had been cut. Naturally, I was able to release the angst about it, but even with that, I felt disconnected from my support lines!

Ah well, back on line for the moment! The tour has been wonderful – wonderful people and great connections with leaders from all walks of life!

What I also love about these tours away from my home in Hawaii is the opportunity to play, visit with friends, and see the country. Lynne, David Linke and his wife, Andrea, and I took the dinner tram last night. It was an incredibly good 5 course dinner served on a tram as it circles the city of Melbourne. We checked in and boarded the tram at 8:30pm. As soon as we were seated the dinner team served our first glass of champagne as the tram rumbled forward.

Time dissolved into the background as food, laughter and the company of good friends filled our evening. Before we knew it we pulled into the station to the tune of “Good Night Sweetheart, Well It’s Time To Go…” It was 11:30pm; three hours had flashed by in the blink of a moment.

There’s so much to see and do in Melbourne, but this one is a must! I’d recommend it to anyone!!

It will be a bit before I get back to my blog on a regular basis. I have to sort things out with the management of the apartment where I’m staying.

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