Raving Fans #4

Syrus couldn’t hide his jubilation on the next visit. Rolling the flip charts out on the table, he said that he could feel the shift in each department. “More proactive,” he said. “They are all working on projects that they initiated.”

“So the next step is clear, Syrus.”

“Not to me,” Syrus countered.

“It’s time to step in and acknowledge the progress of each of teams.” I paused. “It’s time to go on a walkPicture 4 about;LBWA”

“What’s LBWA?”

Leadership By Walking About! It’s time to begin a practice of personal engagement with the troops, Syrus. They want to see you and connect with you.”

To make a long story short, as they say… Syrus began strengthening his relationship with his managers and his teams. From that time on our coaching sessions began to focus on the key indicators that make success in leadership as well as in life.

IQEQSQ_frontcutBased on the latest research, Syrus took the IQ, EQ, SQ Inventory and began developing the key traits necessary to improve his results with people. Over the next year, I taught him the art of tracking, a process that helped him make a distinction between the words and behaviors that served his purpose and those that didn’t.

The tracking process brought precision and clarity to his self-observation and Syrus began to increase his capacity to deal with what had previously been uncomfortable situations. We focused on enhancing and accentuated his strongest qualities so that his potential as a leader could be realized.

Over the next two, Syrus bought out two of his competitors and went on to take his company to the top in its sector. Today, his company still leads the field in results and service.

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