Questions Are More Powerful Than Answers

positiveI thought that I would ask a powerful positive question with every blog entry that I do from now on.

This new addition was inspired by Traci Toguchi, Miss Hawaii 1995. Traci just joined our Planetary Briefing Room ( and I went to her website to check her out and say Aloha and welcome. You too can check out her website mind at …

Traci’s site reminded me of something I said in my book The Operator’s Manual for Planet Earth:OM “Questions are more powerful than answers.”

Even though The Operator’s Manual is fiction my work has always been based on research. And the research tells us that questions open our brain, our mental files, and force them to pull out an answer. So positive questions keep our brain focused on delivering positive answers.

And because every thought carries with it a neuro-chemical signature, the signature of a positive answer is a boost to the immune system. It also over-rides the primary instinct of the old survival brain to defend itself and focuses the Reticular Activating System (RAS) on looking for the positive.

This is a mighty smart thing to do in a challenging time! It will help you keep your IQ, EQ, and SQ (Intellectual, Emotional, and Social Qualities) focused in a positive direction. As you focus on answering positive questions your mind will be focused on delivering positive answers. In other words, look for the positive, you will find the positive all around you.

So here is the question I’d like you to answer for yourself today. Look for as many answers as you can. This will keep your mind searching through the positive territory of your life. Continue to ask yourself this question at the beginning, in the middle of, and at the ending of every day for the next few days. And as you do, you will anchor your mind on the positive regardless of the challenges the day may bring.

What are every single thing in my life that I am grateful for?

I came up with more than 150 answers when I was doing this the other day. I invite you to beat me at it… and have fun with it…

Much Aloha, Trinidad

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