Morning Meditation

I got up especially early today. I could feel the joy and discovery available in the morning coming over me and I didn’t want to miss a moment of it. I wanted to watch the colors of the day emerge across the ocean. As the birds began to stir, I saw the sun cast its dayglo orange and pink across the sky and then sank into a silent Morning meditation1meditation of the soul.

Twenty minutes later I opened my eyes to this scene. I grabbed my camera because I knew that I wanted to share it.

My heart was filled with gratitude – for the scene, for the colors of the day, for the sea and for the trade winds that whispers to me all day long in my home above the sea.

Syrus’ story will resume soon. I just could not let the joy of this morning go unexpressed. It’s nice alone. It’s nicer still to share the images and feelings of the heart.

Reflection for the day:
What are three things in your life that are giving you joy today?



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