Holiday With Mom

 Mom & AliceI have had one of the most delightful visits with my mother in a long time! We took off the day after her birthday and left her home in Grants Pass headed south towards Sacramento to see her 93 year old sister.

We covered approximately 700 miles in 2 days to have dinner and breakfast with my aunt. Then back to Grants Pass the next day. Craig Mountain

Rather than tell the story of our 6 days together in words, I’ll share a few photos… We covered a lot of territory in a short time. Every day we went on a new adventure. The first shot on the left is Craig Mountain in northern California.

The next photo to the right is Crater Lake in Oregon. A six mile wide caldera of a 7,500 year old Crater Lakevolcano that collapsed to form a huge lake.

The final picture below is a buffalo in Wildlife Safari.

Wildlife Safari


Mom and I both agreed that it would be so much more fun if we lived a bit closer to one another. Alas, I’m headed back north to Portland tomorrow and back to Hawaii on Monday.

For those of you who have parents still with you, I highly recommend a special holiday or visit purely to  honor your relationship! After all, RELATIONSHIP IS EVERYTHING!

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