Goals in the Nano-second Realtime World

I was just reminded by two of you who participated in our Australian seminars that the best of intentions, goals and commitments often fall prey to the daily exigencies of life in a nano-second real time world. The comfort zone and old habits often kick in and then lots of To Do items, e-mails, customer and boss requests emerge demanding immediate attention and diffusing our focus.

Dartgoal So the short and the quick of the question they were asking is, “How do I keep my long range goals and objectives in site and moving while getting my daily stuff done effectively?”

Here is my personal strategy for consistent success…

  1. Read your top 5 goals every night before retiring. This sets up my super-conscious and subconscious dream time.
  2. Review these goals every morning.
  3. Pick 1 ‘winable’ goal to work on and chunk it into small achievable action steps.
  4. Integrate these small action steps into your weekly plan.
  5. Tick off 2 or 3 of these and celebrate your small completions weekly. This fuels the fire of inspiration and motivation to keep going.

What goal are you working on this week? I would love to hear of your progress. Is there any challenge you are facing? Is there a block or barrier that has crept in to challenge your intention?  What is your formula for achieving success?

Remember that Winston Churchill said, ‘Continuous effort not strength or intelligence is the key to unlocking our potential.’

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