Thoughts ‘R’ Things

Just because we don’t see our thoughts, doesn’t mean they aren’t real. As we discussed in the last post, some of the most powerful light waves are not visible to the human eye. Thoughts fly out from our minds in the same way that sound travels out from its source. And, the more emotion you add to the thought, the more powerful it is.Thoughtsthings

Now let’s go back to the phrase that set off this discussion. Let’s consider the possibility that Thoughts might be things.
If thoughts were things, then I would definitely want to stop my
judgmental as well as my negative thinking. After all, we all know we make a difference. But these ‘I make a difference team ‘ words  have become merely a catchy phrase and we often tend to skim over its deeper meaning.

As a leader, my thoughts permeate the environment. At the level of leadership, I have to be responsible for my thinking regarding each member of my team as well as for my thoughts concerning the results we want to achieve. The power of our positive intention affects the department and/or the organization. It also affects the energy of the team and how our customers view us.

Not only do we make a difference, we ARE the difference. Begin to observe your thoughts and you will begin to notice the impact these thoughts have on those around you. Do a bit of mindfulness training and start with a commitment to keep your thoughts positive for just one day.

Make a game of it and keep a calender on the fridge or at the office. Track each day, but only commit to one positive thinking day at a time! See how far you can go in the process.

Try this thought: “For just this day, I will keep my thoughts positive in every way.” Remember it takes 24-30 days to change a habit. So every time you think a negative or judgmental thought about anyone or anything, including yourself, take it from the top and start again.

Let us know your results. I’d love to hear.

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