Taking Mindfulness on the Road

Without my home refrigerator, I’ve been keeping my sticky notes as ‘NOTE TO SELF’ in my mind’s eye. It’s been a great few days in Australia so far. We kicked off the tour with a management training for the Department of Education & Early Childhood Development of the Eastern Metro Region.

It was a fabulous two days with an incredible professional team. I’m always amazed and inspired by individuals and teams when they commit to raising the bar and the then go for the leap!! And that is just what they did!

To my great regret, I was so immersed in the people and the event that I completely forgot to take anyAU BlueXSmall pics, and there would have been lots of good ones… There are stunning visual indications in the faces and the body language as units of people turn into teams. I’m so sorry that I did not document some of the two days.

We closed with Lisa, one of the team members, singing Bobby McGee. Lisa started playing the guitar when she was 7 years of age and she is, in my humble opinion, truly gifted and exceptionally good!

But there you go; I missed a great photo op!! So instead we have a photo of AU by night. It’s nice, but it doesn’t quite take the place of the light in people’s eyes when they have an insight, or the beauty of individuals totally engaged in a meaningful dialogue. I promise to get some photos of the team when we return for another day in August!

Anyway, mindfulness rules! The NOTE TO SELF in my mind’s eye is working. All is good. I even kept a positive mind set even when the pilot surprised us with the news that we had to land in American Samoa to refuel on the way to Sidney. The reason… the plane wasn’t built to do long distance travel and didn’t have enough fuel tanks to make the long trip.

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