Relationship is Everything!

Annia Dear Jenny Robinson1The #1 law in the universe is: RELATIONSHIP IS EVERYTHING! And the AU tour has been no different. Day after day Lynne and I have had beautiful connections with delightful people from various backgrounds.

Lynne&Greg Duthie2It’s amazing to engage with 50 or 60 individuals all with an incredible history that they bring with them. Each person has family and friends as well as a rich support network. Each comes from different professional backgrounds from the government level to school principals, deputies and educators.

The sharing and team participation has been amazing. Something very magical happens when people get together and connect with hearts and minds. I’m not sure there are words to describe the feelings that these sort of interactions inspire…W  5 27-09

Barb Authentic, rich, genuine, energizing, electrifying, nourishing, animated, exciting, motivating, uplifting— creating a kind of synergy not always experienced in our day to day professional lives.

Dr. Barb Watterston is on the left. Barb is the one who made all of the Women in Leadership courses available in Melbourne.

Until Barbara came along, I had never done a course  specifically for women. It was through Barb’s realization of the importance of women in the workplace and the very special contribution that women leaders have to make, that I started these programs eight years ago. Thank you Barb! The Women in Leadership courses have grown every year, because of you and the work you do through CSE.

If only photos could really express the magic of minds and hearts working together! They may not do it completely, but they often seem to do it better than I can with words alone. So enjoy these few snapshots…

And please forgive me, I wasn’t sure of all the names, but faces and hearts, I recognize!

Much Aloha from Down Under, Trin

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