I Love U Australia!

It has been another wonderful week of friendship and connections. Lynne and I are so excited because our Aussie family is expanding exponentially! Thank you! It is a joy to connect with all of you! My Hawaiian family knows that to someone like me from Hawaii, family is everything. The word for family in Hawaiian is OHANA and I put it in caps to  show how important that word is in our culture.

In the video titled Lilo and Stitch (for all you moms and dads who watched it with your children) they had a saying which captures the feeling of ohana for us. “Ohana is family with no one left out!


Lynne and I love the feeling of having our Australian Ohana expand. The connections have been more than magical. They have been enriching and nurturing, candid, genuine and authentic, warm and empowering, elevating and inspiring… and we have shared much laughter together during our time together.

As usual, pictures can sometimes express so much more than words. In this case I believe the words augment the images and vice versa.

To all of you in our extended ohana, please share your thoughts with us. I would appreciate your thoughts, feedback, questions or insights about our time together and the work that you and I are engaged in.


This is a personal note to each of you from the Women in Leadership program and from the Catholic Women in Leadership program. Take care of your MMP, stretch your zone and achieve those goals


Lots of Aloha, Trinidad

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