Courageous Conversations

It has been a terrific trip to Australia. The work has been engaging, inspiring, invigorating and highly creative.

I have experienced being with leaders who were willing to view their professional relationships from a fresh perspective and to approach their work in new ways. This takes courage, the couraDialoguege to question and reassess attitudes and behaviors that may be outmoded and no longer serving them. These leaders have been willing to begin the powerful and extraordinary work of transformation through dialogue and self-reflection.

I call these conversations ‘courageous conversations’. While courageous conversations validate what works and what is consistently effective, at the same time they stretch us to think beyond the boundaries of what we know.

A courageous conversation invites us, through thoughtful questions and dialogue, to stand on the edge of our own thinking. They encourage us to set and achieve goals that stretch the heart and mind to achieve more than ever before.

In the programs I have just completed, leaders team up as ‘Master Mind Partners‘. The purpose of the partnership is to ensure that each person ‘wins’. This means that each partner supports the other in ‘raising the bar’ so each consistently achieves their goals and intentions. Partners actively help each other to raise their resiliency and confidence to the point where each dares to do what is difficult in their professional arena.

Talking Lynne and I have had an opportunity to engage with the most remarkable leaders over the last few weeks. It is exciting to experience the energy of mutual support.

A great big thank you to the leaders who have actively embraced this powerful work of raising the bar for themselves and helping their partners do the same! We look forward to hearing of your accomplishments. Thank you to each of you who have emailed me personally!! I would also love it if you would post a note on my blog! Picture 3

Lynne and I are beginning our final week in Australia and look forward to meeting more wonderful people and great leaders!

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