Catch Those Thoughts!

So how did your refrigerator practice go? I was doing it again myself and found that I made it through about 4 days. I had a situation that triggered me.

It happens! Life happens! And just when you think you’re doing well something unexpected hits your buttons and pushes you to the next level. Then I remembered my own advice from last week…

“Do a bit of mindfulness training and start with a commitment to keep your thoughts positive for just one day. Make
a game of it and keep a calender on the fridge or at the office. Track
each day, but only commit to one positive thinking day at a time! See
how far you can go in the process.Fridge

Try this thought: “For just this day, I will keep my thoughts positive in every way.” Remember
it takes 24-30 days to change a habit. So every time you think a
negative or judgmental thought about anyone or anything, including
yourself, take it from the top and start again.”


So there I was back in the middle of a negative thought and I had to take my own advice and start over and then over and over again!

I had to review a few other of my notes to self: Growth is not over till it’s over! And… if you’re on the planet, there is more growth to be experienced!

So back to my adventure in living. I’m on my way to Australia tomorrow. I’ll be on a 5 week speaking and teaching tour and I’ll be watching my thoughts all the way!!!

First stop Sidney. Then on to Melbourne for the rest of the trip.I’ll let you know how it goes as I take my mindfulness training on the road.





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