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 Erin's WallIt’s been a fabulous 2 weeks so far. Lynne and I have visited Sacred Hearts School where principal Erin MacDonald brought 3 schools together for a wonderful full day program. Over sixty people attended and we had a magical day full of activities, discussion and exchange. Our Aloha goes out to Erin for all that it takes to organize a day as well as John and Kerry for bringing their 2 schools on board.

Then on to Gennazzano on Tuesday where we did a three hour training for the school leadership team, thanks to Penelope Karsividis for connecting us and Rob and Phil for making sure everything was in order with setup. Thank you, team, for the support!! (Sorry to say I forgot to get any photos! My apologies to the group!)

Wednesday and Thursday were spent with Greg Duthie of the TLN and two groups of principals from Melbourne. Our 3 hours on Mindfulness – Staying Cool Under Pressure is one portion of a five week course designed to help principals manage stress while balancing mental, emotional and physical health in the process. Download Storybrd Use Here are the 12 uses of storyboards as promised.

Here are the slide updates for both of those groups. Please enjoy!Download Anatomy of mindful 1

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