A Visit to St. Kevin’s

Yesterday afternoon I spent a couple of hours at St. Kevin's School speaking on Maximizing your effectiveness as a teacher, balancing IQ, EQ, SQ (Intellectual, Emotional and Social Skills). I thought I might follow up with all of you from St. Kevin's by offering a few extra immediately useable storyboard activities for the classroom as well as the PDFs for storyboards.

Included you will find the team activity that we discussed yesterday as well as 7 other uses for the storyboards. Many of these were contributed by your colleagues in other schools. I invite you to post some of your ideas with us also! Download Storyboard Uses St. Kevin's

The 4 box is for the younger students including Kindie through year 3 or 4 or so depending on the development of the students.Download 4 box A4 copy The 9 box is for year 4 or 5 & on through the year 12 groups. Download 9 box A4 copy

Before doing a storyboard activity, I get students engaged by teaching them how to do a storyboard. I do this in stages:

  1. Using your favorite 2 colors, draw a simple border around the first 2 boxes.
  2. Now try a little more complex borders around the next 2 boxes.
  3. Then do some background colors using highlighters instead of bold color.
  4. Then draw some symbols on the board or ask students what are some of the symbols they might use on their storyboards to show different thoughts or ideas. (Examples might be a light bulb, a bolt of lightening, a smiley face etc.)

Sboard 2 Here is a sample of a student's storyboard to give you a sense of the creativity that can occur.

  And here is another.

Sboard 1

Notice how different the interpretations and uses are. No two storyboards from two different students will be alike! I'm sure that you can immediately guess that the one on the left was done by a 17 year old male student. (Notice the habits burning up in the fire!)

For all of you, please enjoy the activites and let us know how you do once you have a go at it!

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