Your Daily Dose!

It’s time to check out your practice. So how is the habit of making new habits coming? Have you done your Daily Dose of visualization toothbrush in hand? Or has it been a checkerboard experience – sometimes on and sometimes off – maybe even hit and miss?Toothbrush2

We’re obviously taking about two things here. The first is making a habit of making new habits. That is, remembering to remember to begin your visualization every time you pick up your toothbrush! Use the toothbrush as an anchor. Take your toothbrush in hand and instantly start your Daily Dose envisioning the new state or condition as if you were already there.

The second thing we’re talking about is the specific new habit that you happen to be working on at that time. This is vital as the new habit will be the behavioral change you’re wishing to instill. This might be anything from being proactive with your To Do list so you get more done on a daily basis, to staying focused when you’re listening to your employees or team members.

However, if you simply master the first habit by doing your Daily Dose practice and closing the day with your daily assessment, then you can ‘plug in’ any behavioral change you wish. You will have gained access to a tremendous new power… the power to change anything you wish to change. In fact, you will have achieved the meta-mastery level of mastering the habit that frees you from being stuck with any habit!

Research tells us that it takes anywhere from 21 to 30 days to create a new habit. I don’t know about you, but I shoot for the 30 day mark just to be on the safe side! So pick up that toothbrush and do the Daily Dose.

And BTW (by the way) have fun with it… Do it not as a labor but as the joy of love… the love of improvement, the love of growth and greater success, the love of service to your fellow humans whether at work or in the home. Do it for the love of whatever it is you love and value…

Have a great week. Make magic at the mirror… for as one of our great Hawaiian teachers Nana Veary said, change we must!!!


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