Thoughts Are Things

I was doing some private coaching with members of Character Builders a team from Ohio last week and we got into a conversation on how we make a difference to the team. Whether we are at home or on the job, we carry our energy wherever we go. Further, our thoughts go with us and these thoughts permeate the environment. “In fact,” I said, “Thoughts are things.”

This led to a pretty lively discussion on what I really meant by this.  “What do you mean? Thoughts don’t have mass,” said one person.

“I always thought that as long as I keep my thoughts to myself and
don’t say them out loud, that was okay. In fact, I was being
responsible by keeping my negative thoughts to myself,” said another.

And I got her point. You and I have been trained to keep our judgments and negative thoughts to ourselves. As long as we don’t say our negative thoughts out loud, we don’t hurt anyone. And of course there is a lot of truth to this. You don’t want to go around telling everyone what you think of them all the time.

“No way,” another person chimed in, referencing back to the original concept. “Thoughts are definitely not the same as things! Things are solid and thoughts are not solid!”

I completely understood where they were coming from. But think abouPicture 2t it this way for a moment. It is now well known that we humans only see a small amount on the total spectrum of light.  Looking at the image to the right, the range of human sight falls within the vertical lines on the picture. We do not see either the infrared or ultraviolet range of light. .

So with thoughts, most human beings do not see thoughts. We do know that a few individuals down through history have reported that they have the ability to see the thoughts that people are thinking. But most of us don’t see thoughts.

But let me reassert, thoughts are things and sometimes they break through into our consciousness to let us know that we are truly connected to each other. Have you ever had a strange uncomfortable feeling when you walk into a room only to find that the people in the room are having an argument? Or have you ever had the experience of the phone ringing and you know who it is before you look at the caller ID? I’d love to get your feedback on these questions. Let us know your experience with knowing something before you have proof of knowing it.

Just the other day when I was at the NCEA Conference in Anaheim I wandered away from the booth. I got totally engaged in a conversation with someone about 6 aisles away from our booth when suddenly it was as if I’d been hit in my forehead. “Oh my gosh,” I apologized. “I have to go. My business partner is calling me back. She must want me to meet somebody.” From the look on the man’s face, he was stunned by my assertion. I had to laugh at the scene later. He must have thought I was crazy, but it was such a powerful thought that it was almost palpable.

When I go back to the booth, Lynne said, “Where have you been. I kept sending you a thought to come back. I wanted you to meet one of the principals I was talking to.”

“Sorry,” I said sheepishly. “I didn’t get the message fast enough.”

Naturally, thoughts don’t always break through as powerfully as this. But every once in awhile things like this happen just to let us know that our spectrum of conscious awareness may fall short of the full spectrum of what is available.

In our next blog post, we’ll bring our discussion full circle to what this all means to you and me in terms of making a difference in the lives of everyone we meet. I’d love your thoughts on this too!

For now, play with the idea that thoughts are things and that we make a difference and give us your feedback.

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