The STEM Program

For those of us who have longed to see a change in education, as I have, this blog is for you!

I am engaged with a team of people in something called STEM. This advanced alternative is for SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY, ENGINEERING & MATH buffs who have stood out as exemplary students in any of these areas. Picture 2

Naturally, I’ve been invited to teach the leadership portion. The students are at the 7th & 8th grade levels, and what a joy they are!! From visioning to goals and action plans. I taught them the stuff from AN APPLE A DAY FOR YOUR BRAIN April 7 post and RETRAIN YOUR BRAIN March 31 & April 2 posts. They loved it and so did I! Watching these young people awaken to the deep understanding that their destiny is in their hands, was wonderful. Seeing the light in their eyes and hearing their voices as they came up to thank me at the end… It was inspiring to say the least!!!

I am encouraged about the next generation. If we teach well, they will do well and they will serve well!

Aloha for now…


I would love to get your comments on this! Let me know how you feel about our up and coming generation!

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