Retrain Your Brain – The Clarity Check


Time for a clarity check! Is your written statement the exact thing that you want to have in your life? Or is there something in there that isn’t quite clear? Read it out loud and feel it. Give yourself a thumbs up or down. If its a down, do a little rewrite until it feels like a YES, THAT’S IT!

As a final double check, make sure it’s in the present tense and you are the subject of the sentence. Below are 3 examples you can compare with your written statement to ensure it is ‘brain ready’. If it’s brain ready your brain will more willingly receive the new habit your are encoding.

Sample 1: I now turn my full attention to my son when he is speaking with me. My heart is open and I am completely still and focused so that I hear and feel what he is wanting me to understand. He feels the caring and connection and it strengthens his sense of confidence and self-worth.

Sample 2: I stop what I am doing and turn to face any person who enters the office to speak with me. I listen with eyes, ears and heart focused on the person and my presence shows that I am engaged with them and care about their input.

Sample 3: I am completely relaxed, calm and patient during rush hour traffic when driving home from work. I use the time to breathe and let go of the day so that I can be calm and present when I walk through the door at home.

My Ideal Self Frontcolor
Once it matches the sound and feel of the 3 examples above, write your new habit on a card. We use a special card in the training programs called ‘My Ideal Self’ card, but any 3X5 or 4X6 card will do. Make sure your writing is large enough to read when you are about a foot and a half from it.

You do not have to make time for this. You do not have to add extra time to your already overloaded schedule. I know you’re a busy person. So I’ve devised a system that requires no extra time.

Place the card on the bathroom mirror. Read it every morning while you are brushing your teeth.

I don’t know about you but my electric toothbrush has a 2 minute buzzer so I do a 2 minute visualization every morning. It takes me no more time than the time I use for brushing daily!

Read and feel the new habit every day for 5 days and we’ll check back to see how you did in 5 days. And have fun with it! This isn’t homework… it’s retraining your brain for a change you want to make in life!


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