From Classroom to Boardroom

NCEA 2009 I have always experienced a love for children and a commitment to their future and the future of our the world. And because of this my contribution to education has long endured. This commitment lay dormant for nearly 20 years while I worked in the corporate sector training and coaching at every level  from the executive to management and their teams of people. That’s why the title on my blog page: Success, Satisfaction and Happiness from Classroom to Boardroom. It is meant to highlights the breadth of our work, for our training and coaching programs continue in each area of the business community as well as in the educational arena with programs for principals, educators, students and parents.

This is just a quick follow-up as I just returned home from the NCEA educational conference in Anaheim. Our team, Lisa, Lynne and myself (pictured on the left) worked side by side with the team from Character Builders, Dan, Marisa, and Marie. Character Builders now represents Quest4Character and all of our educational work throughout the continental United States.Small World

Giraffes It was a great conference. We worked long hours yet the days were magical. There  was lots of interest in the product line and our work. But you can’t live in a world of all work and no play!!! So we took an evening off. After all, what is Anaheim without Disneyland!?!

The pics are from my favorite ride… “It’s a Small World After All”

The spirit of the event was amazing as almost everyone sang along as the boat went through the inner kingdom… Disneyland again lives up to its reputation as the happiest place on Earth!

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