At Night – Close the Circle!

Now let’s close the circle in the evening. The day is done. You are ready to close it up maybe do a little reading or watch a bit of TV. So here you are back in front of the mirror, toothbrush in hand. Brush

Have you ever added up the minutes in a life time that we spend brushing your teeth in front of that bathroom mirror? I have.

If I go back just 10 years at 2 minutes in the morning and 2 minutes at night it adds up to 14,600 minutes or approximately 243 hours for brushing alone. And that doesn’t include my hair and makeup as a woman or shaving and whatever else you do as a guy!

So I just decided to look at the stats. This is 2 minutes twice a day, morning and evening with my electric toothbrush! Way back before electric brushing, I still took about 4 minutes a day brushing. So what do you think about this?

  1. 10 years = 14,600 minutes or approximately 243 hours
  2. 20 years = 29,200 minutes or approximately 486 hours
  3. 30 years = 43,800 minutes or 730 hours
  4. 40 years = 58,400 minutes or approximately 973 hours or approximately 40.5 days of your life!

Do you know how many other things we could have done with that time?! If a 2 year old doesn’t brush his or her teeth, we say they are learning. But if you don’t brush your teeth we refer to it as a social disease!

So if you’re going to spend time brushing your teeth, why not increase the value by using the time to retrain your brain for the success you want to achieve in your life?! It seems like a complete no-brainer! My Ideal Self Font

So at night you revisit the day in terms of the vision you wrote on your Ideal Self Card. Ask yourself 3 questions;

  1. What worked (in terms of my vision) today?
  2. What could have worked better?
  3. Where (specifically) do I want to improve tomorrow?

So there we are with a perfect plan for using the neuroplasticity of your beautiful brain to develop yourself in a positive way. Do you want to change your results in the world? Remember: All change begins with self change.

We create our own reality. Look at the reality you have created and check it out. Do you want to keep progressing? And do you want to progress without spending anymore time then you already do? Go to the basin, toothbrush in hand, and start the process today!

And have fun with it. You are the author of your own story. Write it well!! And we’ll check back on my next blog to see how you’re doing with developing a new habit.

As for me?! It’s time for my 2 minute brushing! So I’m going to enter Visualization Nirvana for a moment before I start my day!

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