An Apple a Day for Your Brain!

AppleAnd what keeps your brain active and healthy? The joy of learning!
Like the old preverbial apple a day for physical health…the practice you have embarked on is an apple a day for your brain and well being!

So how did you do with your 2 minutes a day plan? Did you do it every day for 5 consecutive days? Did you read and visualize and feel the new state? Did you take control of your destiny and encode the new condition into your brain so that it can begin to show up in your life? Or did you completely blow it on a a couple of days?

Baby brush
Of course, I forgot!! There was a weekend in there! Attempts at change can be a bear on the weekends. Its family and relaxation and fun. I totally get it. If I could count my own fits and starts as money, I’d have a lot of coins in my pocket and cash in my purse. Life happens… and when it comes to family and friends there are times you just gotta go with the flow of it!

So now is as good a day as any to begin again. Lets commence right here where we are mid-week in life.

When you pick up that toothbrush tomorrow, look at your card, read it, and visualize it as if it was already so. See it! Feel it! Hear the voices of people acknowledging you for a job well done!

If your morning brushing is done, visualize visualizing tomorrow morning when you pick up your toothbrush. This isn’t so hard, but you have to develop the habit. You’ll learn a whole bunch about making new habits from sticking with the process. Remember neuroplasticity: your brain is change-ready!

Take control of your destiny! At any given moment you can shift into a new reality. Practice this little change and the big ones will be easy!

More to come!


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