Turn Anxiety Into Energy

If you’re driving through the country and you see a goat walking in a pasture, you may glance at it, or you may turn to look for a moment, or you may not even look. You might just make a subconscious note and move on, because a goat or two in a field is a fairly common occurrence in the country. But if you see a flying goat, you will stare up at the sky until it disappears.

The economy is a flying goat. We’ve become fixated on it, watching every rise and fall of the DOW as if our life depends on it. The problem with this is that any perceived threat arouses the amygdala (our emotional system) and this side-slams our pre-frontal cortex. The pre-frontal cortex is the most highly evolved part of our brain known as the central executive of our brains. When this goes out of commission, we have trouble making clear decisions or using forethought and planning to move forward.

So how do we take the economic flying goat off our back so that we can function at an optimal level? Remember that Attention = Energy. It’s time to change the focus of our attention. Stop reading the depressing headlines. Stop watching every movement of the DOW and watching every detail of the evening news.

Pay attention to attention! Refocus on the positive and remember to remember who you really are. As the creator of your experience, have a great experience today!!


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