Round Robin Management Meetings (RRMM) Work!

I’m going to assume that you got your list ready and we’re ready to move ahead on your Round Robin Management Meetings. So here we go.

  1. Print out several copies of the meeting agenda and 1 copy of the instructions (#6) for each team member.Download Meeting Agenda
  2. Hand them out at your next meeting and explain the process to your leadership team. Tell them that everyone will be leading your team meetings in a round robin manner. This will strengthen their leadership skills as well as their ability to run upbeat meetings for their own departments.
  3. The first person on the list facilitates the first meeting. This should be the head of the leadership team.
  4. The next person on the team takes the minutes on the Meeting Agenda form. This will be the notes they use to run the next meeting.
  5. Open with wins, accomplishments, and positive updates on goals and projects. Every team member is expected to give a 30 second update. This will enhance accountability for results!
  6. Follow the rest of the instructions are on the Meeting Agenda Instruction sheet.Download Meeting Agenda Instructions.
  7. The next person on the list (the one who took the minutes) leads the next meeting. And the person that follows them from the master list, takes the minutes for that meeting and so Teammton!

Remember that King Arthur ran his meetings at a round table. Seat your team members in the round so that every member is responsible and accountable in equal measure.

Be willing to fail a few times. It’s like learning to ride a horse, a few falls and you learn pretty quickly! All you have to do is be willing to get back on the horse. If you don’t get back on the horse, you don’t ride. If you do get up and get on the horse again, eventually you’ll learn to ride. And have fun!

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