Retrain Your Brain (Part 1)

This is one the most exciting times in human history. Research is pouring forth from the scientific laboratories all over the world. And with the power of the internet and mass communication, researchersIBrain4XSmall are communicating with one another from distant parts of the globe. As a result the acceleration in knowledge is expanding at exponential rates! And this only works in our favor!

If fully understood, this research and information on the brain can be of great benefit to anyone. It can be extremely beneficial to executives and managers trying to ride the changes going on in organizations today.

We are now clear that ATTENTION CHANGES THE BRAIN. I referred to this in my February 12th post Keeping Cool Under Pressure in which I gave a 3 step process for managing your mind when you are under pressure.

To add to this you can initiate self-directed long term change by understanding the very simple principle of neuro-plasticity. A short quick description of neuro-plasticity is that your brain is malleable. It can be changed. It can be changed by you. Change what you pay attention to, and you change the hardwiring in the brain. If you want to change your results in any area of your life you can retrain your brain.

This is not as hard to do as it seems, but it does take making a commitment to the process. Over the next 2 or 3 blogs we will show you a couple of simple methods you can use to retrain your brain for anything you want to achieve.

I’d give it all to you today, but I’ve got a deadline on a chapter of a new book we will be releasing late in the year. So we’ll break this blog into at least 2 more steps. These will be released Tuesday March 31st & Thursday April 2nd.

For now, you may want to go back and review my February 12th post Keeping Cool Under Pressure. This will give you some basis for the next step. Then check in on Tuesday for the keys to retraining your brain for the next level of success in your life.

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