Celebrate the Small Things!

Sometimes even in the midst of a financial shortfall, you may want to celebrate small wins by doing something special for yourselves.That was the case for my business associate and I last Sunday evening.Honu 1
She was down at my home on the Big Island. We turned the corner on a project and decided we needed to let go, let God, laugh and enjoy. In other words, we needed to take our attention off the work and celebrate the positive turn in the road.

So we went to Huggos on the water in Kailua-Kona.  It was 5:30 pm and the honus (turtles) were feeding on the limu (seaweed).It set the tone for a wonderful evening. The sunset was stunning. The service was excellent.The relaxation was just what we needed!

Guy Kelly, who took care of our table was totally there for us. We told him we wanted to take our time because we were doing an evening of gratitude – night of 'thank you' to the universe for supporting our needs! He totallGuy Kellyy understood and filled in the spaces as needed
when we were ready!

And even though it can get expensive, if you really peruse the menu,
there are some moderately priced dishes that will allow you to have an
enjoyable evening without gauging your pocket book to badly. The terriyaki steak is extremely tender and well priced and so are some of their other dishes.Torch

So there it is, keep the magic in your life by finding ways to celebrate the small things! It's the little pleasures that help break up the day and the challenges we're facing. It's the small things that help us keep the magic in the moment.

There's nothing like a sunset on the water! But if you're not near the water, find your own simple pleasures and consciously use them as a gift to yourself. Celebrate the small, give thanks for your blessings, and take the next turn in front of you!

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