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Have you or members of your team ever zoned out in your management meetings – nodded off, day dreamed, judged the droning speaker? If you (or they) have, this blog is for you!

I wanted to share it because so many companies that we work with are having sucTrinPath success with it.
At the moment I’m thinking specifically of HAWAII STATE FEDERAL CREDIT UNION (HSFCU) and their expansion over the last three months during the flailing of other financial institutions. (Check the last post. Also, I couldn’t resist dropping this pic in. This is me with Patricia Hao, Vice President of Human Resources at HSFCU.)

The Round Robin Management Meeting fondly known as RRMM, is a simple but powerful meeting
format that keeps the entire team on their toes: ALIVE & ALERT, LOOKING FOR LESSONS TO LEARN! It’s all about the joy of achievement and raising the energy of the team!! Held in the Authurian round style, this meeting format keeps people on the positive edge.

Beyond that, you will enhance your team members’ leadership skills, their story telling agility, their ability to facilitate action and get results!

Here’s a quick tick list:

  1. Everyone leads meetings! Make a list of the team members names. Place more extroverted individuals between more introverted members on the list.
  2. Every person takes minutes for the person before them. This ensures that they can read their own notes when their turn comes around next.
  3. The head of the team leads off.
  4. The next person on the list takes down the minutes.

In lieu of overwhelming you in one fell swoop of a post, get your list typed up and I will give you the meeting format in my next blog. Remember to mix extroverts and introverts on the list and I’ll get back to you soon!

Aloha, Trin

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