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Retrain Your Brain (Part 1)

This is one the most exciting times in human history. Research is pouring forth from the scientific laboratories all over the world. And with the power of the internet and mass communication, researchers are communicating with one another from distant parts of the globe. As a result the acceleration in knowledge is expanding at exponential […]

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Elan – Zest, Enthusiasm, Spirit!

So many people have asked me what the word ‘Elan’ means. It’s a French word that was absorbed into the English dictionary because the there was no English counterpart. ELAN is ZEST, ENTHUSIASM, SPIRIT. Elan is at the heart of leadership! Elan is really the language of leadership! As a leader, keeping your spirit and […]

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Celebrate the Small Things!

Sometimes even in the midst of a financial shortfall, you may want to celebrate small wins by doing something special for yourselves.That was the case for my business associate and I last Sunday evening. She was down at my home on the Big Island. We turned the corner on a project and decided we needed […]

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Turn Anxiety Into Energy

If you’re driving through the country and you see a goat walking in a pasture, you may glance at it, or you may turn to look for a moment, or you may not even look. You might just make a subconscious note and move on, because a goat or two in a field is a […]

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Tough Tactics for Tough Times!

These tough times require tough tactics! CEO's and managers are turning the anxiety of the times to their advantage! They are cleaning up and cleaning out that which does not serve the foremost objective: staying in business. This is a time for healthy reevaluation and revision for each and every one of us! Are you […]

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Round Robin Management Meetings (RRMM) Work!

I’m going to assume that you got your list ready and we’re ready to move ahead on your Round Robin Management Meetings. So here we go. Print out several copies of the meeting agenda and 1 copy of the instructions (#6) for each team member.Download Meeting Agenda Hand them out at your next meeting and […]

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