The 8th and 9th ‘P’

Lynne and I joined Lovell and Rolinda Harris for lunch at Kincaids in Honolulu on Sunday. Lovell & ro
Lovell and
Rolinda were among the first students in our Academy Elan Training program and Lovell went on to
mentor under me for nearly ten years. Lovell is one of the finest drug and alcohol counselors in the nation as well as one of our trainers at Elan. We have become close friends and we often co-facilitate student assemblies when doing anti-bulling programs for the schools.

Rolinda was reflecting on P to the seventh power or ‘P7‘ of Leadership‘ from The Roadmap to Success. In quick hyper-text review these are, Purpose and Passion, Principles and Practices, People and Partnerships, and Perseverance.

But the thing that came out of the conversation were the P‘s for our time. With the fluctuations in the market, the downsizing in so many corporations, and the changes everywhere, its a good time to review, rethink, and purge. So the 8th P is Purge and the 9th is Prepare. Use this time to look at every aspect of your life, purge out the old and prepare for the new.

Following is our Purge check list as per Lovell and our discussion.

  1. Review your cell phone bill and see where the extra monthly charges are adding up and cut them.
  2. Review your home interest rate. Don’t procrastinate! It’s easy to get a quick quote today and some companies are making great concessions on a refi.
  3. Go through your your kitchen, storage areas and closet. Ask yourself the key question, “Have I used (or worn) this item in the last 18 months?” and if not, let it go! The Salvation Army will give you a receipt for contribution and it’s great for a tax credit at the end of the year.

Once you’ve Purged, then Prepare. Lay a fresh and solid foundation for the future. In your personal life, follow your passion. Do some of the things you’ve always longed to do but been to busy for. In business, do the things you’ve been intending to do to upgrade, revamp and renew your work.

I’ve found this time to be re-invigorating. I’m doing more photography than usual, which is my personal passion. This was done in my garden (notice the bee in the flower).

And I’m really ecstatic because I’m updating my study of neurology, quantum physics and cognitive psychology as it pertains to business and coaching through the maelstrom.

Remember to remember, Purge and Prepare. The next stage is on its way!!

Much Aloha for now. Trin


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