Reflect & Reinvent – But Don’t Give Up the Dream!

In spite of the challenges all around us, I'm excited about the year. The upside of what we're going through with the economy is that we have an opportunity to reinvent ourselves. We all have to make changes in order to ride the financial waves that are crashing all around us right now.

As a coach and leadership trainer this will be our focus for the coming months. We'll talk about using challenges to leverage change.

Even if your goal right now is to enhance your skills, make a career change, or diversify your business don't sacrifice your dreams. Put them on hold in the real world if you have to, but don't put them on hold in your heart. Remember a dream nurtures the soul and gets you up in the morning.

Here are 3 keys to keep your dream alive in challenging times. Notepad2

1.) Get it out of your head. Write the dream on paper. Write it in the present tense with you in it. i.e. I see 
speaking in front of a large audience. or I have become the most sought after personal trainer in 

2.) Write a list or make a mind map of everything you have to do to have the dream happen in real time.

3.) Keep the vision and the list where you can see it. (I have mine on the bathroom mirror.)

Then go about the business of doing what is right in front of you and doing it well. If you have another job, do one or two things on your list each week. If your vision and dream is linked to what you're doing now, then go for it; do as many things as you can. Both of these will help you build the momentum necessary to move you forward.

A few months ago I found a tattered faded sticky note with my 5 big dreams on them. It was written over twenty years ago and all of them had been accomplished but one. The one is a life time goal and its still in process.

More to come!

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