Keeping Cool Under Pressure

Last time we said that challenge is the mother of change! Now its time to retrofit our brains Brain2
for the high force financial winds of these times.

Stress side slams our beautiful brain. When this happens, our prefrontal cortex, the planner and thinker part of our brain (in red), loses control and our emotional limbic system takes over sending us into a downward spiral of negative self-talk.

But what can we do? After all, we have no power over the events in the world.

But we do have power over at least one thing. We have power over where we put our attention. And attention changes everything.

Where you put your attention is where you get the result or in the words of the ancient huna teaching,


Here's one thing you can do every time you start obsessing. STOP! If you're ruminating on something negative, re-deploy your attention to something positive. I was obsessing on the condition of my yard the other day and suddenly realized that I needed to re-deploy my attention. I had to laugh as I thanked the powers that be that I had a yard to obsess on!!

So it's a 3 step process:

1.) Pay attention to your attention!

2.) Catch yourself in the act of reacting!

3.) Re-deploy your attention.Replace the negative with a positive or seek a solution.

You may have to use this technique 100 times a day right now, but it's worth it. Think of Captain Sullenberger and the miracle that happened because he kept his cool under pressure.

Remember to remember, ATTENTION CHANGES EVERYTHING! Do the 3 step process as consistently as possible and let me know how its working for you.

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