Flexibility Time!

I am back from a two week tour through the islands. I’ve been teaching and speaking and signing books. Picture 3
It seems to all happen at once. So here I was on the road and the first print of Roadmap to Success
arrived in the home office. My staff got to see it before I did…Does that tell you something about my travels and schedule?

Well it’s here, and I’m back! However, I’m hosting Dan and Marisa Conway from Ohio. They will be showing our educational products in the continental U.S. over the next year. It looks like a great opportunity for expansion for both of us and the planning meetings are extensive.

DanMarissaTrin Here we are on a sight seeing Sunday visiting the hotspots on my island! No pun intended, but we were up at the Volcano House!

All of us, are looking forward to what the future may hold!
ALOHA for now, Trin

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