The graduation experience for our participating young adults in this pilot program with SEED was so  great and moved so quickly that I totally forgot to take a class picture!! I can't believe it! Please accept my public apology!SEED logo

Maybe you can get a touch of the flavor of the day from a few clips from their Mission Statements. I have come away from the experience touched and inspired by the caliber of young people who will be part of our next generation of leaders.

Kristina Brennens, an 11th grade student said "The main mission I want to accomplish is figuring out who I am in this lifetime… I would like to graduate from a top college, become a successful business lady, and one day have a family of my own, teaching my kids to do their possible best. I'm definitely going to be something someday!"

Baylee Burnett, a ninth grade student said this, "My mission in life is to be a good sister and friend to my friends, family and all those around me…One thing I will do to move closer to my mission statement is to think things through before they come out of my mouth. This way, the things that I say will be kinder and more caring.

Raven Moore, an 11th grader said, " My mission is to help people appreciate what they have…My values are resilience, a sense of humor, joy, love, respect, calmness, and helpfulness…"

Joshua Brennens, Kristina's ninth grade brother, closed his statement with, "I am who I am and you can be who you want to be!"

There were a lot more, but I think you can get the gist of the feelings I came away with from these short clips. These young people are beautiful beings!

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