The Power of Intention

Life always has a way of tugging at my awareness and moving me towards the fulfillment of my goals and intentions. This tug sometimes comes in the form of a small inner voice, as it was when I was lead to the discovery of my home in Kona. In that particular case, I had written down my intention in my little intention notebook. I knew exactly what I needed and wanted: an open airy home with a view, a pool, wheel chair access to a downstairs apartment for my parents, and separate master bedrooms for guests. The voice was adament on this one. "Turn right at the next street. There’s a house for you in this area." And I was lead right to the home that fit the exact description that I had given.

So back to present time. I’ve been asked quite frequently about starting my personal retreats again. So I’ve had it on the back burner of my mind, but I haven’t moved forward on scheduling it.  In other words Procrastination Polly was hanging out dallying with my intention.

However, the universe gave me a giant shove this morning in the form of a serendipitous meeting with a couple from California. I was having breakfast at a coffee shop that I frequent on the stunning Kona coast when a woman at another table noticed what I was reading. She caught my eye and started talking with me and finally asked me to join her and her husband at their table. They introduced themselves as Claudia and Cliff, a retired couple who had been visiting Kona every year for 27 years. Claudia said it was my energy and glow that caught her eye. She wanted to know where I came from, what I did, and why I was so happy.

To make a long story short as the proverbial saying goes, we spent the next two hours talking. By the time we were finished they were asking me to to do a retreat so they could come and learn meditation and some of the higher principles of life and living. The universe could not have made the message any clearer. I promised to get the program scheduled within the next three weeks (only because Lynne, who sets the schedule, is on vacation with her family right now).

So there it is. I have put my word behind it. We are going to be scheduling at least 1 five day retreat and 1 or 2 weekend retreats for 2009. I’m excited about it. These personal growth programs are still my passion. They are a joyous expression of our humanity, our goals, dreams and reason for being. The only reason I ever stopped doing the retreats was because of a very full travel schedule. But I’m home for some extended times now and I’m ready to give it a go!! I’ll let you know as soon as they are dated.Pagoda_2

Thought you might like to see a shot of the open air pagoda where I teach meditation.
It’s on the lower terrace of my home. You can see the rest of the property at my website:

Until such time as the dates are set, Aloha, from Hawaii and from me… Trin

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