Roadmap to Success

Yea, finally! The final edit of my new book just arrived. It’s been 11 months in the making and the target release date is set for September. It was touch and go there with my production manager for a bit when I was told that each of the articles had to be a certain length and mine was just too long. Not so; my editor stepped in and refused to cut one line. So it went to press as is and I’m anticipating the moment when I will be getting this wonderful edition in my hands.

This book was a dream long in the making as many people over the years have asked me about the secret to my success. In the days leading up to the final production I was thrilled to be part of the working team along with Ken Blanchard, Stephen Covey, and Brittany Stewart, production manager for Insight Publishing, to bring this book into fruition.

Roadmap includes 12 movers and shakers sharing their personal views on the path to achievement. Having reached extra-ordinary levels of success in their fields of endeavor, these professionals will be talking about their insights and discoveries along the road.

I’d love to hear from you. Share with us  your secrets to success in the comments.

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