Day 1 Leadership Friday

It’s Monday in Hawaii and I have had a few days to reflect on the results of our first day with our first group of students. I’m going to be brief… FANTASTIC!!!

We opened with a message from the elders of the tribe to the up and coming generation. At this point every student sat up and gave 100% of their attention. Introductions and bonding followed. Then we began the magical work of expanding each young person’s awareness of themselves in relationship to each other, their community and their world.

We did lots of individual and group activities focused on releasing the leader within. As the day wore on, the students began to drop their boundaries, open their hearts and connect with their personal dreams and goals. The commitments to action at the end of the day were quite awesome… "Give up my sarcasm", "Step out of my comfort zone of shyness", "Reach out to help those around me" and more. I was definitely touched with the depth and breadth of these young people and their longing to learn!!

We neglected to get parental consent for photos. So I don’t have any at this time. Seedday1
I do have one we took of the adult team from left Lynn Fujioka, me, Amy Weintraub, and Lisa Kupau my office manager. Amy is an Oahu project manager for Women in Technology and works with isisHawaii on a sub-contract basis.

I also thought you might like to see the slides from the day. So I am uploading them for your perusal now.Download seed_day_1_08.pdf

And why am I so excited about this? This is leading edge work with the goal of revamping education to match the students and the times!! I know there are many of you who have thought long and hard about this. I would love to hear your thoughts on all of it

Will connect again soon! Aloha for now, Trin

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