Igniting Our Brilliance Conference

A person who had heard me speaking on early childhood development in a conference in Hawaii invited me to attend a symposium in Long Beach, California. I’m glad I changed my schedule to be there as it was a tremendously moving experience! The living inspiration of Jean Houston touched off the first 2 days of the meeting and set the tone for the next 3 days.

I returned inspired; there are wonderful people working on some very powerful millennium projects in their communities. Projects such as feeding the poor, caring for the AIDS orphaned children in Africa, to saving the rain forests of Equador – all of these and more were brought to the table for discussion. The symposium offered an opportunity for many people to expand their outreach and their work.

With the conference theme titled, ‘Igniting Our Brilliance’ is it any wonder that I met such a wonderful cadre of unique leaders from every walk of life. Malaysia, Singapore, England, New York, Canada, Australia and a multitude of other countries were represented.

I also had an opportunity to rekindle an old and very special friendship with Jack Canfield.

During these changing times we are often exposed to the daily news loaded with less than positive information. It was a nice paradigm shift to hear of all the great work being done by so many around the world.

Remember to Remember… Your life is your great work of art.

Let us hear about your contributions and projects on your life’s path.

Aloha, Trin

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