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As an administrator you may feel that

you are alone with an impossible mission.

As an educator you may feel you must be a miracle worker.


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  • build a positive school culture
  • put best practices and strategies to work
  • nurture and connect with students
  • facilitate meetings
  • train staff
  • keep everyone motivated
  • achieve mandated benchmarks
  • coordinate teams
  • referee conflicts
  • create lessons
  • find activities
  • implement plans
  • train tomorrow’s leaders
  • stay within tight budgets
  • do MORE in less time
  • AND stay centered and balanced it the midst of it all


before 180 Power Pak

Let the 180 Power Pak

lighten your load

& transform your school with

a 180° turn-around!

Easily access training

for administrators, teachers, and parents.

Over $1200 in value, one year unlimited,

total access pass for use by

every educator & administrator in your school

~ less than $1 per day!! ~

180 Power Pak Includes

  • K – 12 Quest for Character Curriculum (13 downloadable books) with activities, stories, tracking tools all done for you.
  • Audio visualizations and centering exercises to download and take with you on any MP3 player.
  • Whitepapers
  • Articles
  • Guides
  • Reports
  • Book excerpts
  • Parenting video series 1-5
  • With more to come!

Plus E-seminars

  • Building Collaborative School Communities I & II
  • Kaizen
  • Listening for Educators
  • Handling Difficult Conversations I & II
  • Thoughts Turn Into Things I&II
  • IQ EQ SQ – A Balanced Approach to Education
  • IQ – The Quality of Our Intellect – How We Use Our Minds & Think
  • EQ – The Quality of Our Emotional Reactions to Situations & Events
  • SQ – The Quality of Our Social Relationships
  • Includes handouts, guides, & workbooks with more titles to come!

The 180 Power Pak takes you from mission impossible to

mission accomplished web

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  • Activities for the classroom
  • Team building exercises
  • Centering to keep everyone balanced
  • Visualization for you & your team
  • Videos for parent’s night
  • Log in anytime from any internet connection
  • Help is only an email away
  • Unlimited training – your entire school for 1 year – $360 US
  • Exclusive training only available to 180 Power Pak members
  • New education products included in annual pricing


For instant access to

over $1200 of valuable

training and education tools

for only $360 US,

click the “Get Access Now!” button.

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To use an alternative form of payment, such as a purchase order or check, please contact our offices at (808) 239-4431 ext 1 or 3

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  • Supports students in resisting negative peer pressure
  • Reduction in disciplinary incidents
  • Increased positive decision-making skills
  • Better interpersonal and intra-personal relationships
  • Elevated self-control and self-awareness
  • Improved capabilities in goal setting and completion
  • Increased confidence and resilience to challenges, stress and change
  • Happier, healthier, more focused children and adults
  • Plus so much more


What other professionals have to say…

When students apply your curriculum to their lives they find they have power over the blocks and barriers that challenge them. We find children exposed to the curriculum are more accepting of individual differences and that there are few incidents of classroom disruptions. As a result our environment is both physically and emotionally safer for students. Another benefit of the curriculum is the opportunity it offers teachers to reflect upon the curriculum as it might relate to their own understanding and growth. While the materials are designed with the adolescent in mind, the truths inherent in the principles speak to us all. It is without any qualifications that I offer my full endorsement to this meaningful curriculum. ~ Catherine Payne – Principal

The program offers me the resources, activities and materials that allow me to teach the methods that I believe work for students. I strongly recommend this curriculum for all teachers and students. It teaches the fundamental lessons of life and about being a human being. The program provides models and tools to positively deal with issues and problems that young people encounter daily. It helps students to develop positive self-esteem and worth. These lessons, in addition to high expectations and standards, will provide our next generation with the knowledge and understanding of how to be successful and productive members of society. I truly hope that you will enjoy and have as much success as my students and I have had with Trinidad Hunt’s programs. ~ Link J. Llewellyn – Special Motivation Teacher

I am most impressed with the fact that your program focuses on making the school environment less conducive to those who do the bullying, rather than just focusing on how to deal with those who bully. Your program focuses on empowering all students and adults to be a part of creating a positive and safe school environment. Without exception, the response from our students and faculty has been positive. Your curriculum and instructional program is interactive and relevant to the concerns of students. Trinidad Hunt’s presentations have been extremely well received. Teachers have been commenting on how the program will help us with our overall school discipline program, as well as addressing our concerns about campus safety. ~ Don Merwin, Principal

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